Desplore Ghana launches Ghana’s first creative award

Desplore Ghana

Finally, an award scheme for creatives in Ghana and oh, Africa at large!

Desplore Ghana has come up with an award scheme that will give creatives in Ghana and other parts of Africa recognition for their hard work called Artpreciate, a name coined from the merger of ‘Art’ and ‘Appreciate’.

This is their first-ever creative award event since it started in 2020.

Desplore is a design exploration platform focused on dealing with problems faced by creatives in Ghana and Africa at large. Their vision for creatives has gained the attention of many in the creative art industry.

Thus, their first-ever online event recorded over 200 participants. This number increased during their second event, encouraging them to do more for creatives.


Artpreciate, as the name of the scheme goes, will serve as a platform where creatives will be awarded for their contribution to the creative arts industry.

Nominations were opened on 5th May 2021 via their social media platform.

Two weeks after opening nominations, they received more than a thousand entries from people who want to see their creative heroes shortlisted for the award.

This showed how much the public wants to see these creatives recognized for their works, giving Desplore the boost they need for this event.

Event date, nominee shortlist and other details will be announced in due time.

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