Court refuses Agordzo’s plea to declare his interdiction unlawful

ACP Agordzo

The General Jurisdiction 3 of the High Court has refused an application by Senior Police Officer, ACP Benjamin Agordzo, to declare his interdiction as unlawful.

ACP Agordzo has since November 2019 been committed to trial for his alleged role in a supposed coup plot.

After this, the police administration interdicted him, a decision he described as unlawful.

According to the Senior Police Officer, the failure of the Service to put him through disciplinary processes within 3 months of his interdiction makes his continuous interdiction unlawful, and a breach of his right to administrative justice.


The presiding judge, Her Ladyship Justice Olivia Obeng Owusu however, held that the application could not hold due to the peculiar nature of the case.

ACP Agordzo was interdicted two years ago, on November 19, 2019, for his alleged involvement in a plot to overthrow the government.

Following this, he complained that his salary was reduced by 25%, and he was relieved of all duties as a police officer.

His other efforts to have the interdiction revoked have not been successful.

His lawyers on April 23, 2020, wrote to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) demanding revocation of the interdiction, which the IGP declined on May 27, 2020.

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