‘Breast Feeding’ Is Not For Babies Only – Women Advised [Video]


“If you want to have good lasting marriages, you should pamper your husbands”, popular entertainment critic advised women on Akoma FM. He said he came to this conclusion after his marriage nearly hit the rocks because of his babies.

According to him, women should respect and treat their husbands with dignity, especially when the children start coming. He urged women to spoil and make time for their husbands to keep their marriages going.

He said, “The reason why I nearly had problems in my marriage was because of my babies (Twin). After a tiring day, you get home at 10 pm to meet her breastfeeding them. Who owns the breast? When I was going to marry my wife, did my child help? I come before the babies. Breasts don’t belong to children.”

He also pointed out that whenever one finds himself confused about a situation, most of the time. There’s a good reason for that perplexed state. Sometimes men find it difficult to spend on such a child, whose actions portray that they might not be the father.


He advised men to be very observant, because nature always has a way to prove that a child doesn’t belong to you biologically.

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