Bono Region: Muslims And Christians Worshipping Together In Church


Muslims and Christians’ coexistence is becoming a topic of the moment after a Christian mission school, Wesley Girls Senior High School, refused Muslim students to fast during Ramadam.

The relationship between Muslims and Christians in Ghana is being questioned in the sense that Christians and Muslims cannot interact with each other beyond doctrinal differences.

Indeed, in some cases, the African tapestry of religion has witnessed the fusion of elements from Islam and Christianity into a distinct religious tradition.

In the Bono region, some members of the Muslim community worshipped with their Christian counterparts at church despite their Ramadan activities.


At the Sunyani Penkwase Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church, Muslims including the Deputy Bono Regional Chief, Executives and other members worshipped together with the congregation.

Speaking in an interview with Adom News, the Regional Deputy Chief Imam, Alhaji Baba Seidu Mahmoud said it was a move to strengthen the relationship between Muslims and Christians from mere tolerance to engagement since both are from one parent, Adam and Eve.

He urged both Muslim communities and Christians to see each other as brothers since they all worship the same God.

He appealed to the authorities for the mission schools in the country to allow Muslim students to observe the Ramadan fast and also perform all other activities duly authorized in the schools.

He urged the government to ensure that all other issues affecting Muslims are also addressed.

Pastor in Incharge of Penkwase SDA Church, Reverend Adusei-Poku Agyei, said it was the aim of the entire SDA Church to promote inter-faith dialogue, and a peaceful co-existence between Muslims the two dominant religions in the country.

He said the church aims to bridge the gap and win more souls for Jesus Christ.

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