Bono East: Sene teachers boycott classrooms over murder of two colleagues


Teachers in Sene East and West Districts of the Bono East region have boycotted classes since Thursday over the killing of two teachers by suspected armed robbers and attacks on others.

The deceased teachers are Elijah Asante, a headteacher at Bantama SDA primary in the Sene West District, and Ennin Prah Kojo, Junior a teacher at Kajaji D/A Junior High School in Sene East District.

Elijah Asante was killed by armed robbers while on his motorbike to school a month ago. He reportedly bumped into the robbery attack at Shaffa Community.

On Wednesday, July 7, 2021, Ennin Prah Kojo Jnr was shot dead by robbers while onboard a passenger vehicle back home after close of work. The fatal robbery attack took place between Nyakontere and Premuase Communities.


The latest incident has sparked agitation among the teachers in the area who embarked on a demonstration Thursday.

The Sene East District Secretary of Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) Patrick Owusu told Starr News they will only return to the classroom if they see intensified Police patrol and erection of Police checkpoints on robbery-prone areas.

According to him, the armed robbers mostly strike on Wednesdays when most traders transport their goods for Thursday market in the area.

A petition addressed to stakeholders by GNAT stated that” Due to the current happenings in our district we the teachers of Sene-east have withdrawn our services until further notice. These are the reasons why we are withdrawing our services: The killing of the late Elija Asante, a teacher. Dated on the 6th May 2021. The current shooting of our colleague, late Ennin- Prah Junior, a teacher on the 7th July 2021.The shooting of our brother Mr. Emmanuel A. Gyamfi who also escaped from death during the armed robbery attack. Dated on 22nd June 2021. Another attack on our colleague Mr. Boadum Seth, a teacher. Dated on 17th March, 2021″.

The petition added that “Yesterday’s incident happens to be the fourth time a robbery incident has occurred at the place where Ennin-Prah Junior was killed. Meanwhile, the police have set a barrier 200 meters away from where the incident happened. In view of the above, we are withdrawing our services until the following demands are met:
Provision of proper and competent military patrol team”.

They demanded the “Provision of police visibility at every 200meters along Atebubu – Kwame Danso – Kojokrom road. The mounting of unnecessary barriers by the police within the townships must be avoided. Arrest and prosecute the armed robbers who killed our colleagues”.

Starr News has gathered that the Bono East Regional Minister Mr. Kwasi Adu Gyan has met with the teachers and assured them of improved security.

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