Attitude is Everything

Attitude is Everything

How do people feel or react when they see you or hear your name for the second time?
Do they warm up happily to want to talk to you more again or do they act nervous, indifferent, and snobbish as you approach them the second time

Everything has to do with your attitude or our attitude. We must come to understand clearly that the way we treat people, good or bad for the first time, registers a feeling in their minds for a long time. For some, this feeling will go on to last for a lifetime.


e’s the thing….we have a choice every day regarding the kind of attitude we decide to show. Just see attitude as a photoshoot, if your first shoot is so bad, you’re going to have the same bad image as your picture, and if your photoshoot or posture is great, you are going to have a great picture in the end.


If you treat the mailman, the cashier at the bank, the garbage man, the ushers at your c

hurch, the old and the poor, the Uber driver or the homeless man living across the street any less different than you treat other people in power and of influence in society, you need to check yourself and change your attitude.

Kwame Sarpong
Freelance Writer
[email protected]

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