Apple alleges state-sponsored attackers targeting Stan Dogbe’s iPhone

Stan Xoese Dogbe

According to Apple, Stan Dogbe is being targeted because of who he is or what he does and when the state-sponsored attackers who are working with sophisticated equipment’s succeed, they will access sensitive data on his handheld device.

Dogbe, in a post on his Facebook timeline, shared an email he received from Apple with the caption, “An Apple threat notification I just received. State-sponsored attackers may be targeting my iPhone associated with my email to remotely compromise it. Hmmm!!!!!!!”

In the said email, Apple said, the “state-sponsored attackers are very well-funded and sophisticated and their attacks evolve over time. Researchers and journalists have publicly documented such attacks against popular cloud service, including iMessage as well as Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Signal and WhatsApp.”

Some state-sponsored attacks, Apple said, need no interaction from the owner of the handheld device, “and others rely on tricking you into clicking a malicious link or opening attachments in an email, SMS or other messages.


“These attempts can be quite convincing, ranging from fake package tracking updates to custom-crafted, emotional appeals claiming a named family member is in danger.”

But what are the consequences of these attacks on one’s mobile device?
Apple explained in the email to Stan Dogbe that, “if your device is compromised by a state-sponsored attacker, they may be able to remotely access your sensitive data, communications or even the camera and microphone.

“While it’s possible this is a false alarm, please take this warning seriously,” the email added.

Apple, then, warned Stan Xoese Dogbe to be cautious with all the links he receives on his phone “and don’t open any links or attachments from unexpected or unknown senders.

“State-sponsored attackers are sophisticated and will likely try to attack you through other channels, devices and accounts not associated with Apple.”

Read his full post below:

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