Accra Brewery Limited introduces non-returnable bottle for Club Mini

Accra Brewery Limited
Ms Antwiwaa Asante (right), Country People Lead of Accra Brewery Limited, displaying the packed Club Beer after the launch. Picture: GABRIEL AHIABOR

Accra Brewery Limited (ABL) has introduced a non-returnable bottle that will enable customers to keep the receptacle after consuming the content.

The launch of the new Club Mini bottle is part of activities celebrating the 90th anniversary of the company in the country.

This means consumers who purchase Club mini packaged in the new bottle will not be required to return the bottles.

The non-returnable bottle will remain the new normal for consumers of Club beer in the country.



At a ceremony to mark the introduction of non-returnable bottles onto the market last Friday, the Director, Marketing of ABL, Mr Chuka Nnaobi, said the new product was one of a series of exciting packages and corporate outreach activities expected to be rolled out for consumers of ABL products in the coming days.

Accra Brewery Limited
Accra Brewery Limited

Anniversary labels

As part of the anniversary, limited anniversary labels on some selected products are also expected to be rolled out soon.

“Club is synonymous with the Ghanaian spirit and we are really proud of the journey we have come with Ghanaian since 1931 because it has not been an easy journey but we are proud of the love Ghanaians have shown us.

“So, today, we are really appreciating our Ghanaian consumers because without them we would not have come this far,” Mr Nnaobi said.

He noted that the company’s success story was made possible because of Ghanaian consumers, adding that “they are the reason we are here and are probably the biggest beer brand in the country. We want to say a big thank you to them and ask them to keep consuming Club”.

Mr Nnaobi urged consumers to expect more exciting, fresh and amazing Club beer in the coming days.

Mr Naaobi, however, cautioned consumers against excessive drinking due to the adverse effects of alcohol on their health.

The Marketing Director said for that reason, the brand always communicated safe consumption of alcohol through its products.

Accra Brewery Limited


As the brand chalks 90 years, Mr Nnaobi said, the company was looking forward to furthering investments on the Ghanaian market, stressing that “consumers and Ghanaians in general are the reason we exist.”

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