Abena AI, A Siri-like Voice Assistant Developed By Ghanaian

Abena AI

A Ghanaian software developer, Nana Ghartey has created an artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistant software for Ghanaians.

The software named Abena AI is a hands-free assistant programmed with Ghanaian languages to assist natives speaking Twi, Ewe, Dagaare, Dagbani. amongst others.

The AI was designed after the Apple created Siri voice assistant, hence the nickname ‘Twi Siri’ and it is said to work without internet service.

A video shared on Twitter by Silas Joy shows a group of people test-running it to see its operationality.


“Abena AI” is a hands-free voice assistant for Ghanaian languages… a.k.a Twi Siri. Developed by a Ghanaian.

It works without internet service,” the tweep wrote.

Watch the video below:

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