4 New Updates for WhatsApp, Including Voice Status


Telecommunications app WhatsApp is constantly updating to provide improvements and new features, with a handful being announced this January.

WhatsApp is commonplace on devices across Ghana as a primary way of texting over data or wifi. Before the international company releases a new update or feature, it is tested in ‘beta’.

Developments in the new betas are followed closely by WABetaInfo – a community of testers that inform and provide an insider’s view of changes coming to the app.

Recently outlined features include ones dealing with blocking contacts, status updates as well as alerts.


According to WABetaInfo, here are a handful of changes you can expect for WhatsApp soon:

1. Haptic feedback

WhatsApp is currently working on bringing vibrations to reactions. With a recent update, WhatsApp allowed users to react with an emoji to a message in a chat – this may now come with vibration feedback.

WABetaInfo said that it thinks this feature may be helpful in making reactions more interactive.

“In our opinion, it really gives a more tactile experience. In addition, the haptic feedback lets people know that their tap has properly been registered, and it can help users with visual impairments to understand when they have successfully reacted to a message,” said the WhatsApp testers.

2. Block shortcuts

Under a new update for WhatsApp beta on Android devices (version, WhatsApp was toying with the idea of making it easier to block a number from contacting you.

According to WABetaInfo, the company is looking at including three different ways to block someone quickly:

  • Firstly with a shortcut available within the context menu under a chat preview.
  • The second shortcut will always be available within the chat options
  • A third and final shortcut would be a red button that appears when you receive a message from an unknown contact with no chat history.

This feature is also said to be tested on iOS devices.

3. Voice status

In a recent beta, sourced by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp added a new feature that allows you to record and share voice notes. These can then be added directly to your status.

These voice note statuses can only be 30 seconds long. Similar to images and videos shared on statuses – the voice notes will expire after 24 hours.

4. New text editor

WhatsApp is also planning to update the drawing tools alongside a new text editor.

According to WABetaInfo, the app plans to incorporate three new features, namely:

  • The ability to quickly switch between different fonts by tapping an option above the keyboard.
  • To change the alignment of the text
  • The ability to change the text background colour.
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