4 Ghanaian pharmaceutical companies ready to produce Covid-19 vaccines – Pharmaceutical Society

covid-19- vaccine

At least four local pharmaceutical manufacturers are ready to provide the Ghanaian market with Covid-19 vaccines.

This is according to the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana ( PSGH). The announcement comes after government revealed that they are pursuing local options of production following setbacks encountered with foreign markets.

The Health Minister, Kwaku Agyeman-Manu said his outfit is already in talks with these local companies to facilitate production.


“Their strategy is to do what they call filling and packing first then the science community will also take some time to start developing vaccine in our country. So that area is also seriously being considered and we are actually on course in that direction,” he said.

Meanwhile, President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana, Benjamin Kwame Botwe tells Joy News, they are waiting for a green light from the government to start with the packaging.

“The necessary infrastructure is available, the necessary human resource capacity is available, it can leveraged technology transfer technology as quickly as possible and this what has done in countries like India and Brazil and so on to deal with mass vaccination when it comes to conditions to fulfil, sort of have an agreement with the foreign manufacturing companies that do the bulk, we need to look at issues of patent and we need to also look at issues of technology transfer,” the President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana, Benjamin Kwame Botwe told Joy News.

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