‘1st Sermon’ was written based on what I was going through – Black Sherif

1st Sermon-Black Sherif

From ‘Money’ to ‘Ankonam’ to ‘1st Sermon’, Black Sherif has detailed life struggles including loneliness and the challenges people go through for daily bread. The themes for his songs, he maintained in an interview on GhanaWeb TV’s Blogger’s Forum, are a reflection of his experiences and that of others.

His ‘1st Sermon’, for instance, talks about how he has not been paid attention to despite the talent embedded in him and exhibited accordingly.

“I love to write about things I’m going through or things I’ve seen so you feel the reality in the song,” he told host Abrantepa. “‘1st Sermon’ was written based on what I was going through. I’ve been releasing songs since last year but as a creative, at some point in time, you feel like they’re not giving you attention so I just put in a song.”

Asked how tough life has been, Black Sherif who has relocated from Kumasi to Accra to further his education said “Life is hard but Accra is harder”.


Known in real life as Mohammed Ismail Sherif, the musician is a product of Kumasi Academy (KUMACA). He is currently studying Marketing at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA).

In the last couple of days, Black Sherif has been in the news following the release of his ‘1st Sermon’. His streaming has incredibly shot up as his audience appeal keeps increasing.

The likes of Hammer of The Last Two Music Group, Reggie Rockstone and Sarkodie, among other prominent showbiz personalities, have been blown away by the talent exhibited on the song.

Watch the conversation with Black Sherif from the 24th minute of the video below.

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