Check Out The 10 Best Traditional Wedding Dresses In The World [Photos]


Most societies in the world have their own traditional wedding costume.For most of us, weddings are a big event of fun and frolic. Everyone dresses up, there is loads of good food, lovely people, entertainment etc. One of the most important things during such an event is the clothes the couple wears. These 10 costumes however are steal worthy!


It is no doubt that Africans love colors. Their festive clothes are undoubtedly the most colorful ones you will ever see. Their wedding attire is usually made of Kente cloth – a colorful cotton textile with bright, geometric shapes. Women and men wear the Kente differently. While men wrap it around like a shawl, women wear a skirt – blouse combo stitched out of the material.



Depending on the region and religion, wedding finery in India differs. However silk, exquisite jewelry and bright colors are a common factor across the length and breadth of the country. Traditionally grooms could either be bare chested with a dhoti around their waist, or wear a Sherwani or shirt. Women could wear Lehengas/Skirts or Sarees or Shararas. Usually, both the bride and groom keep their head covered with a veil or headgear as a mark of respect!


It is no secret that the Chinese love red. This color symbolizes luck, joy and happiness. In traditional Chinese philosophy, the color also symbolizes fertility, vitality and celebrations. Chinese bride and grooms usually dress up in red to prevent evil and ensure positivity for their future together!


The Korean traditional wedding dress is called the Hanbok and is worn by both the bride and groom. This is specially designed for them and is representative of thousands of years of rich tradition. This silk, light weight costume is unique and bright colored to mark the festivity.


The traditional Japanese costume is called a Kimono. During a wedding, the bride wears a white kimono with a while headdress. This costume is called Uchikake and is usually big and bulky. The groom wears a black kimono, with his family initials embroidered on it in white color.


Cambodia yet follows the Khmer traditions of its ancestors. The bride and groom either dress in a sarong (wrap around/ tube skirt) or sampat (a single piece of cloth made into pant style). Since Cambodians love gold, their traditional wedding dress has a lot of gold work and other bright elements.


Indonesia has different traditions based on the region but the most popular three traditions are Javanese, Balinese and Sudanese. Naturally, their wedding dresses are also different from one another. Traditional Indonesian costume is called Baju Adat or Pakaian Adat and depending on the region, the style and design will vary!


Traditional Sri Lankan weddings are called the Poruwa ceremonies. The bride dresses up in traditional white or cream Osariya embellished with jewels and exquisite jewelry (mostly gold and diamonds)The groom wears a traditional Nilame attire also in rich silk and traditional colors like maroons and gold.


The traditional wedding attire of Pakistan are sharara – lehengas for the brides and sherwani- kurta for the grooms. The brides must keep their head covered during the wedding ceremony as well. Wedding finery is exquisite irrespective of the social class and involves a great deal of embellishments, especially for the bride.


The Kazakh bride wears a Sukele, a large conical hat embellished with expensive stones and gold threads. Undoubtedly it is the most expensive part of a Kazakh wedding. This hat is attached to a translucent veil that covers the bride’s face during the ceremony. Traditionally, she would have to wear this hat till the birth of her first child. With changing times, rules of society are changing too!

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